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study CDS BOPF Fiori Application on S/4HANA ABAP Programming,
CDS, BOPF, Fiori Application on S/4HANA ABAP Programming, create your applications on s4hana system making use of Sensible Filter Fiori app employing CDS UI annotations and employing BOPF with CDS Watch in S/4HANA. Generate transactional Fiori application making use of CDS and BOPF and custom get more info made odata companies in s4hana.
Examine the most recent up to date course content in this article https://www.onlinefioritrainings.com/s4hana-cloud-sdk-extensions
the true time instruction provided by s4hana solution architect.
On top of that we could use whitelisted public apis made available from sap s4hana cloud technique to make close to end side by facet extension programs. Look at our system on s4hana here

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